Virginie Hucher is a French artist graduated in plastic arts. After training in various striking workshops (Michel Gouéry, Bruno Lebel, Marc Alberghina), she developed a mostly abstract aesthetic in its own forms. Fine colorist, her work focuses on themes related to nature, the body and the living through several mediums: acrylic, oil, performance, sculpture.

The colored masses are centered on the canvas, duly delimited in strange shapes which escape classical geometry. These elements, often alone in space, obey a vacuum-filling relationship dear to Taoism. The backgrounds are as neutral as the figures are full and no superfluous detail disturbs their unity. In harmonious and shimmering colors, it is nature that inspires. Virginie Hucher does not hesitate to define her artistic approach under the auspices of a commitment in favor of the protection of the environment, fauna, flora and life on Earth. These organic, vegetable, or mineral hybridizations form a means for the artist to limit himself to the essential. “Raw bodies” to use Lucrèce's periphrasis in De rerum natura, they play on the absence of scale to tackle a work of microcosm in the macrocosm. Do we see the last or first organisms on our planet? In her artistic approach, Virginie Hucher likes to recall the notion of mystery that makes the present moment the first creative principle.

Elora Weill-Engerer



Pop Up via cappucini, curators Lucinda Chambers , Molly Molloy , Kristin Forss   , Colville, Milan

Pop Up rue Saint Dominique, curators Lucinda Chambers , Molly Molloy , Kristin Forss , Colville , Paris


The choreographed body, curator Viviane Zenner, Galerie des jours de lune, Metz


Body landscapes, curator Charlotte Goasguen, Léo Lagrange Cultural Center, Amiens

Recomposer, curator Anne-Sophie De Franceschi, Graduate School of Teaching and Education, Laon


Choreographies, curator Mélanie Ohayon, Pop Up Gallery, Amiens

Interior scene, curator Anne-Sophie De Franceschi, Picardie University Jules Verne, Amiens
Unreally present, curator Grégoire Lecorce, Médiathèque François Miterrand, Anzin
Space in itself, curator Arnaud De Sainte Marie, Galerie Hors Cadre, Beauvais

The ethical body, curator Sophie Devaux, André François Cultural Center, Margny les Compiègne


Between heaven and earth, curator Marie Amélie Bonnaud, Château Saint-Just, Belle Eglise
Seize the moment, Commissioner Pablo Mirada, Posada la Sacristia, Tarifa, Spain



Curators Florence Provost and Maria Giovanna Gilotta, G alerie Exit Art , Boulogne Billancourt


Carte blanche, curators Florence Provost and Maria Giovanna Gilotta, Espace Landowski, G alerie Exit Art , Boulogne Billancourt

I am 800 years old / Metz Cathedral , curator Viviane Zenner, G alerie des jours de lune , Metz


Pop Up rue Bachaumont, curators Fanny Saulay and Olivia De Fayet, Wilo & Grove , Paris

Pop Up Galeries Lafayette, curators Fanny Saulay and Olivia De Fayet, Wilo & Grove , Paris

YIA (Young International Artist) , curator Romain Tichit, 118 Rivoli, Paris

Matter and feelings , curator François Beauxis, with Julie Susset, Amy Hilton and Jérémy Louvencourt, Espace Peugeot, Paris

Pop Up rue Amelot, curators Fanny Saulay and Olivia De Fayet, Wilo & Grove , Paris

Outside the walls / Galerie des jours de lune de Metz, curator Viviane Zenner, LEAC, Vigy

1999 l 2019 , curator Viviane Zenner, G alerie des jours de lune , Metz


Being, curator Anne-Sophie De Franceschi, Picardie University Jules Verne, Amiens

Dreams, curator Gregor Podgorski, Art Cité Contemporary Art Fair, Fontenay Sous Bois

Artists' journey, curator Dominique Legris, Salon d'Art Actuel Grisy Code, Grisy Les Plâtres


70th New Realities Fair, curator Olivier Di Pizio, Parc Floral, Paris

12th edition of artist invitations, curator Arnaud De Sainte Marie, Galerie Hors Cadre, Beauvais


Make Body / Marie-Stéphanie Servos, 2020

Nature is a talisman / Elora Weill-Engerer, 2020

Women of Art / Marie-Stéphanie Servos , 2019

MTART Agency France / Louise Coussieu-Baylac , 2019

The dancing bodies / Estelle Mahé , 2019

La part des choses, magazine n ° 8 / Art'n Mag / Elora Weill-Engerer, 2019

Matters and feelings / Up Art / François Beauxis and Laura Lecorre, 2019

From object body to subject body / Art 'n Mag number 8, 2019 / François Beauxis, 2019

The choreographed body / Julien Verhaeghe, 2019

The body and the other / Julien Verhaeghe, 2018

Thinking about words or thinking about evils / Aurélie Romanacce, 2018

Fix the ephemeral / Anne-Sophie De Franceschi, 2017

Corporality / Mélanie Ohayon, 2017


L'Officiel Magazine, L'Officiel Baltics, Latvia / Lithuania / Estonia, June 2020

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My walks, June 2020

Milk Magazine, June 2020

COS , Sweden, May 2020

Revue Point contemporain, March 2019

Revue Art etc / Julien Verhaeghe , February 2019

Art 'nmag / Elora Weill-Engerer, January 2019

Revue Art etc / Julien Verhaeghe, January 2019


Public acquisition, Médiathèque Jean Moulin, Margny Les Compiègne, 2015

Private acquisition for Men's Haute Couture fashion shows, Erik Shaix, Paris, 2001

Scholarship from the Hauts de France Regional Council, 2017


Studio Miracolo, France, 2020

Indi & Cold, San Sebastian, 2020

Ripost Magazine, London, 2020

Babe is busy, France, 2020

Colville, Italy, 2019

Erik Shaix, France, 2000


Drawing in Bruno Lebel's studio, La Chaussée Tirancourt, from 2011 to 2019

Ceramics with Marc Alberghina, Beauvais Art School, Beauvais, 2016

Nude sketch from model living in Michel Gouéry's workshop, National School of Fine Arts, Paris, 2015

Interior architecture designer, MJM Art School & Roche Bobois, Paris, 2002

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Paris 8, Saint-Denis, 2000   l   06 50 74 70 41    l    instagram:  virginie_hucher



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