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Estelle Mahé

Exhibition curator, editor.


The dancing bodies

(September 2019)



Virginie Hucher is a visual artist who achieves herself through drawing, painting, photography and ceramics. Her strong relationship with nature pushes her to start each of her works in large, depopulated spaces. His research and works are based on the relationship between the body and the world and on an aestheticization of the plant and organic world. Coming from a family of dancers, dance is also a major source of inspiration, at the origin of the series of Choreographed Bodies.

Because after all, for Virginie, drawing is nothing other than "a dance on a support".



Virginie's creation is always initiated by a dense and passionate research work which notably involves the filling of her precious notebooks in which she collects images, collages, quotes and notes. These supports play a major role in her creative process which she likes to call an investigation. It can be inspired as well by philosophy, dance, nature, cinema, with always in high point: architecture.
As with Land art, Virginie finds herself first of all in solitary and untamed spaces where she draws directly on nature with what she finds on hand. The first sketches are born in these natural environments to which this great walker is very attached. She immortalizes them in photo and video then invests her workshop in a second time.
True cabinet of curiosities, it is covered with cuttings, research but also with insects, minerals and leaves gleaned during its excursions. She uses acrylic as well as oil paint and deploys her large, flat areas using spalters, masonry tools or even small natural objects collected (shells, pieces of wood, etc.).
For her oils on paper, she modeled landscapes and worked on geometric abstraction with bright colors.
For her series of Corps chorégraphiés, she highlighted the destructuring of the dancers' outlines. Daughter of choreographer and practicing contemporary dance since childhood, Virginie is sensitive to the movements of these dancing bodies.



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